Drywall Removal Mistakes Residential Demolition Contractors Avoid!

Mistakes During Drywall Demolition

Drywall is an impressive material to use for home additions; it is versatile, neutral, and easy to install. Over time, these walls start to look a bit weary and thin; they need to be removed to pave the way for new drywall or a complete room expansion. In order to accomplish this, knowledge and experience from residential demolition contractors are deemed necessary. However, if you take the DIY route, know these common mistakes homeowners make when it comes to drywall demolition:

Not having the right tools

Many people believe myths about drywall removal; most think you just need a sledgehammer. However, it is an intricate process that requires prudence. The wrong application of a sledgehammer can cause major problems to other systems surrounding your home, such as electrical and plumbing systems. Have the right tools to carefully deal with each section of the drywall and to ensure no problems arise during the project.

Hogging Out Entire Areas

Common problems with this include making other areas unnoticeable by taking too much out at once. The goal should be to take out enough material that you get rid of any damaged area without covering up other areas. By taking too much out at once, it makes the drywall harder to remove because there’s excess material in every area which makes removal more difficult. A step-by-step process should be applied to ensure there’s no clutter and you can deal with each one in a proper way.

Not Taking Enough Time

You might think that since drywall is just paper that can be torn down easily, it won’t take much time; however, there are several steps involved in removing it from the walls before putting in new material. Professional demolition contractors apply an effective and efficient method to ensure a no rush, yet quality drywall removal process.

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